How to make a mushroom with eye-lamp?

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Coffee-quandary: YES or NOT?

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Budapest, Budapest

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How else…

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Burnout syndrome

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Burnout is a psychological term for the experience of long-term exhaustion and diminished interest, usually in the work context. It is also used as an English slang term to mean exhaustion. Burnout is often construed as the result of a period of expending too much effort at work while having too little recovery, but it is sometimes argued that workers with particular personality traits are more prone to experiencing burnout. Further, it appears that researchers disagree about the nature of burnout. While many researchers argue that burnout refers exclusively to a work-related syndrome of exhaustion and depersonalization/cynicism, others feel that burnout is a special case of the more general clinical depression or just a form of extreme fatigue/exhaustion (thus omitting the cynicism component).

Health care workers are often prone to burnout. (Wikipedia)

With pollen for the health

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  • increases the number of red blood cells

  • stimulates the appetite

  • urges intellectual power

  • strengthens the heart

  • increases the speed of regeneration

A virágpor rendszeres fogyasztása:

  • növeli a vörösvértestek számát
  • javítja az étvágyat
  • fokozza a szellemi tevékenységet
  • erősíti a szívet
  • gyorsítja a regenerációt


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