About me

I’m a medical student in Debrecen, Hungary.I have a good friend: Lumix DMC FZ-30.We make this photoblog ; for the DOPAMINE.


Zsoka Darnyi

Email me: darnyizsoka@gmail.com


Dopamine has many functions in the brain. Most importantly, dopamine is central to the reward system.Dopamine neurons are activated when an unexpected reward is presented. In nature, we learn to repeat behaviors that lead to unexpected rewards. Dopamine is therefore believed by many to provide a teaching signal to parts of the brain responsible for acquiring new motor sequences, i.e., behaviors. (Wikipedia)


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  1. Good Afternoon Zsoka,

    My name is Sarah Peerani and I am a marketing intern here at Create Magazine. I was checking out your blog and wanted you to know that there are really awesome photos and were very intriguing. My brother is diabetic and found the gummy bear pictures funny despite the fact that it is a disease.

    You may already know a little something about us, but allow me to refresh your memory.

    Create Magazine is an award-winning, bi-monthly publication that provides creative professionals with the resources to inform, connect, inspire, and educate. Not only does it cover film and video, it also contains content on graphic design, photography, advertising…pretty much any field in the creative world!

    We are also holding the 2007 Create Awards and wanted to give the viewers of your website the chance to enter and get any kind of work they’ve done out there and seen.

    Some more information on the Create Awards is it consists of over 300 categories spanning eight creative industries, enter your work in the 2007 Create Awards for a chance to win one of eight industry prize packages worth over $2,500. Best of Show Dream Studio Prize Package is valued at over $30,000! National exposure, impressive trophies, cool promo video, prizes from industry-leading companies. Why are YOU entering? (www.thecreateawards.com )

    Thanks for your time!

  2. 🙂

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