About Diabetes and the Gummy Army

                                                                           Type 2 Diabetes mellitus        

      Diabetes mellitus type 2 (formerly called diabetes mellitus type II, non insulin-dependent diabetes (NIDDM), obesity related diabetes, or adult-onset diabetes) is a metabolic disorder that is primarily characterized by insulin resistance , relative insulin deficiency, and hyperglycemia.     

      It is often managed by engaging in exercise and modifying one’s diet. It is rapidly increasing in the developed world, and there is some evidence that this pattern will be followed in much of the rest of the world in coming years. The CDC has characterized the increase as an epidemic.

      Unlike Type 1 diabetes, there is little tendency toward ketoacidosis in Type 2 diabetes, though it is not unknown. Complex and multifactorial metabolic changes lead to damage and function impairment of many organs , most importantly the cardiovascular system in both types. This leads to substantially increased morbidity and mortality in both Type 1 and Type 2 patients, but the two have quite different origins and treatments despite the similarity in complications.


  • carbohydrate overdose
  • and the Gummy Army in action


~ Szerző: dopaminer - április 30, 2007.

4 hozzászólás to “About Diabetes and the Gummy Army”

  1. Where I work I watch children eat candy, burgers, fries, everyday allday long.. So it is not so strange, that “Diabetes” is going to be the next big lifestyle illness!

  2. Off topic a bit but here in Australia the number of diabetics is increasing. Why, in my opinion besides poor eating habits and deceased physical activity (people are getting lazier) more people are being screened. The more you screen the more you get. Schools are starting to get wise and have started to ban certain foods (junk), so hopefully more will get the right message. P.S. Those lollies look good enough to eat & eat & eat. I must learn self control. Bye!

  3. I have diabetes, type 2. It is very bad but I am learning to convive with this. Thanks for the article man!

  4. Heh.. I can be sensitive about my civilized madam I have a good fresh joke for you! Have you seen Quasimodo? I have a hunch he’s back!

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